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Must Read: Robin Givhan Is Writing a Virgil Abloh Book, Pyer Moss Announces Bag Collection With First Billboard

Plus, how TikTok killed the beauty YouTuber.
Virgil Abloh attends the opening of his exhibition “Figures of Speech” on November 4, 2021 at the Fire Station in Doha, Qatar

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Wednesday.

Robin Givhan is writing a book about Virgil Abloh
Business of Fashion's Lauren Sherman reports that Robin Givhan is working on a book about Virgil Abloh and "how Black American culture, driven by hip-hop, street style and sports, collided with the grand old bastions of high luxury to democratize fashion, create a new global vernacular for state and transform the way each of us constructs our identity through what we wear." Titled "Make it Ours," it'll be published by Crown. {Business of Fashion}

Pyer Moss puts up its first billboard on Flatbush Avenue
Kerby Jean-Raymond shared on social media that Pyer Moss put up its first-ever billboard — right on Brooklyn's Flatbush Avenue, in the East Flatbush neighborhood — to announce the brand's first-ever bag collection. The designer promised to share more details about the launch on April 7. {Instagram/@kerbito}

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How TikTok killed the beauty YouTuber
Also in Business of Fashion, Rachel Strugatz writes about the decline of YouTube as a preferred platform for beauty creators and content consumers, as well as the forces that led to it. {Business of Fashion}

Learning to sew at the end of the world
In Harper's Bazaar, Isabel Slone explores the growing phenomenon of people learning how to sew and make their own clothes amid global supply chain issues and an ongoing health crisis. "Not only does sewing guarantee that one's clothing is ethically made (you made it yourself!), it offers the thrilling autonomy to manifest the clothing one envisions and execute it according to one's exact specifications," she writes. "Considering the abysmal fabric quality and lifespan of mass-market clothing, learning how to sew can be viewed as less of a niche hobby and more of a necessary form of resistance." {Harper's Bazaar}

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