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17 Fragrances That Smell Like Straight-Up Summer in a Bottle

A variety of scents that encapsulate the season — for every olfactory style.

There's plenty of talk about the "song of summer" — but what about the scent of summer? While perfumes don't necessarily need to be worn with season in mind, there are certain fragrances that just seem to pair perfectly with warm weather. Notes of bright citrus, crisp greenery, salty ocean spray and tropical fruits can be festive and help to set the mood (the olfactory version of a bop, if you will). 

Some summer-ready scents also draw on nostalgic summer staples (think: that iconic old-school sunscreen smell from your childhood, but upgraded and made chic) in creative ways. And then there are those that are a little less literal, but still seem made for the season — simple, lightweight fragrances evoke certain elements we tend to crave when the weather heats up, like clear water, cool breezes and fresh herbs.

In the gallery below, we've rounded up a variety of scents that encapsulate the summer season, for every kind of perfume preference. Click through to see (and shop) them all.

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