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Citrus Dressing Is the Celebrity-Approved Alternative to Bright Pink

Anne Hathaway, Lisa and Tina Kunakey are on board.

When Pierpaolo Piccioli's Valentino sent a collection made up of almost entirely magenta looks down the runway in March, we knew, in our heart of hearts, that celebrities wouldn't be able to stay away. Indeed, only a few months later, it feels as if not a single day (or even a red carpet) goes by without some A-lister wearing the shade — dubbed PP Pink — head-to-toe. Even before that, though, we were seeing it emerge as a clear frontrunner for fan-favorite color of the year. It checks all the boxes: It's nostalgic, fun, eye-catching, an instant boost of serotonin. Still, when a style gets so much attention in such a short amount of time, it runs the risk of feeling overdone. 

Before that happens to this particular pink, though, some very fashionable folk are proposing a just-as-bright alternative that's perfect for summer. 

At a presentation hosted by Bulgari in Paris to showcase its latest in high jewelry, two of the brand's ambassadors — Anne Hathaway and Lalisa Manobal (a.k.a. Lisa of Blackpink) — made the case for embracing citrus-inspired hues. Hathaway went with an oversized faille shirtdress in a greenish neon yellow, unbuttoned to reveal a pair of matching shorts underneath, to go with Bulgari jewels for the Eden The Garden of Wonders event.

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Lisa, meanwhile, went with a slightly warmer but still vivid shade of yellow, her two-piece gown by Pinkong — which featured a bandeau bustier and column skirt — really bringing out the green of the emeralds in her chosen Bulgari earrings, necklace and ring. 


For citrus dressing inspiration beyond lemon yellow, you can look to Tina Kunakey, who opted for a chartreuse collared dress from Y/Project's Fall 2022 menswear collection (accessorized with Bulgari jewelry, naturally), offering a different approach to the trend. 


You might prefer this citrus palette to the currently-predominant pink. You might just want an alternative to keep your wardrobe fresh. Either way, both color trends only confirm that the sartorial M.O. in 2022 is to dress up to stand out. 

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