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Cream Bronzer Is the Unsung Multitasking Hero of Your Makeup Bag

A roundup of our 13 favorite overachieving, fool-proof formulas.

Cream bronzer is beloved among pro makeup artists because it blends seamlessly into skin, almost melting to become one with the complexion. That foolproof aspect is also why it's such an appealing item for the rest of us amateurs. But besides its ultra-simple application and the natural, skin-like dewy finish it creates, it's also incredibly versatile: It can of course be used to, well, bronze, but, when applied strategically, it can also contour and sculpt the face, bring overall warmth to the chest, neck and shoulders or even serve as a neutral-toned eye shadow to build beautiful, subtle depth. What we're really getting at here is that cream bronzer is truly the unsung hero of the makeup bag, and it's time the product gets its due. 

With that in mind, we've rounded up our 13 favorite cream bronzers and contour sticks, with something for every skin tone, finish preference and price point.  We've found sheer shimmers that illuminate skin, ultra-blendable mattes that create a natural effect and ingeniously designed sticks that can be swept beneath cheekbones or along the hairline with ease and precision. Click through the gallery below to see (and shop) them all. 

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