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Hailey Bieber's Beauty Brand Is Officially Here

Get a first look at Rhode's debut skin-care products.

Hailey Bieber has officially joined the ranks (legions? masses?) of celebrities with their own beauty brands. On Wednesday, the model introduced Rhode, a minimalist skin-care label that shares the model's middle name. 

Touted in a press release as "[providing] affordable, luxurious products with thoughtful intention that deliver gentle, effective skin care to invest in yourself for the long haul," Rhode's five-SKU offering will be sold direct-to-consumer via its own website, Prices range from $16 to $29.

Hailey Bieber for Rhode.

Hailey Bieber for Rhode.

At launch, the "edited and intentional" lineup — which is reportedly based on Bieber's own philosophy of surrounding yourself with "one of everything really good" — includes a serum, moisturizer and lip treatment in three scent options.

"I live by a collection of edited essentials — one really good coat, one really good moisturizer that works perfectly for me and that I'll always come back to," Bieber said of the pared-down philosophy. In her statement, she adding that she hopes to position the brand as an antidote to "fast beauty" by focusing on a streamlined, minimal assortment for a "tightly-curated shelf," with a focus specifically on supporting the skin barrier, a crucial function for all skin types. 


The inaugural product drop includes the Peptide Glazing Fluid ($29), touted as the "dewy hydration layer" and a "hybrid serum-gel" designed to hydrate skin as well as "instantly illuminat[ing it] for a glazed finish." In addition to the plumping peptides mentioned in its name, the formula is spiked with niacinamide (to brighten and improve texture), hyaluronic acid (for hydration) and marula oil (for skin barrier support).

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Designed to be used as the second step in the Rhode system, the Barrier Restore Cream ($29) is described as a "rich cream moisturizer" and "antioxidant and peptide powerhouse that delivers hydrated, smoother, softer skin over time." A blend of shea butter and squalane moisturize, while peptides plump skin, niacinamide brightens and açai offers antioxidant protection.

And then there's the Peptide Lip Treatment, "a restorative lip treatment for naturally plump, pillowy soft lips" with a glossy finish. It relies on a combination of shea butter, peptides and babassu to accomplish all of those goals, and is available in different scents, such as Salted Caramel and Watermelon Slice. (There's also an Unscented option.)


All of Rhode's products are cruelty-free and fragrance free (with the exception of the two scented lip treatments). The brand has also partnered with the Rhode Futures Foundation from launch, through which it aims to "support 1,000 women and their families by 2023." The foundation is working with the Accion Opportunity Fund, Black Mamas Matter Alliance and the LIFT Communities Family Goal Fund, committing to contributing a minimum of 1% of sales and volunteer efforts to "partners who actively helping women direct their own careers, health and journey to motherhood."

Rhode is also intentional about being identity-inclusive, per its press materials, which state (in bold lettering): "For all women, including non-binary, trans, non-cis and all women-identified persons."

Get a closer look at each of Rhode's debut products in the gallery below.

See additional campaign imagery featuring Hailey Bieber for Rhode in the gallery below.

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