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Must Read: Inside the Marc Jacobs Comeback, How Beauty Brands Can Become Acquisition Material

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Monday.
Designer Marc Jacobs walks the runway finale during the Marc Jacobs Spring 2020 Runway Show

Inside the Marc Jacobs Comeback
Lauren Sherman of Business of Fashion spoke with designer Marc Jacobs, CEO Eric Marechalle and LVMH Fashion Group boss Sidney Toledano about the resurgence of the Marc Jacobs brand. In 2017, it was struggling; Marechalle cut costs and scaled back the runway collection, in addition to incorporating more accessible pricing and new elements, such as the wildly popular Gen-Z brand Heaven. Citing the success of contemporary-priced brands like Ganni and Tibi, Sherman emphasized the importance of the Heaven launch and how the idea of "accessible luxury" has helped Marc Jacobs get back on track. {Business of Fashion}

How a brand becomes acquisition material
For Beauty Independent, Jane Carlson investigates what makes a brand fit for acquisition, as well as post-acquisition realities, by speaking with executives at beauty brands Clio, Ilia and Amyris. Carlson writes, "while some founders think selling their brand is the ultimate sign of success…striking the right deal is often complicated." The importance of a variety of factors in acquisitions are explored, such as benefits for the founders, consideration of buyers, and what the acquisition means for the brand once the deal has been made. {Beauty Independent}

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