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The 'Pizza' Candle That's Less Greasy $1 Slice, More Summer in Naples

Yeah, I said pizza candle.
Friends NYC Pizza Candle, $34.99, available here.

Friends NYC Pizza Candle, $34.99, available here.

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Now, I have never been to Italy, but I have seen "The Lizzie McGuire Movie," so I feel like I have some standing here when I say that this candle recreates what I imagine the experience of walking into an Italian bakery/pizzeria to be. 

The vibe isn't "my heel is broken, I need carbs, and the only spot open is the dollar slice joint." (Although I have nothing against that vibe. You do you, baby.) There's a strong sense of freshly-fired pizza, but the baked bread and rosemary elements are what really shine. It's earthy and light in a surprising way, like having lunch by the water. It's like someone's grandmother is downstairs baking up something amazing without the burdens of living above a restaurant. It's comforting in a way that I never thought would happen when I opened the box, but I'm certainly not mad at it.

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Made in small batches in Brooklyn (Bushwick pride!), the 10 oz soy wax candle burns for about 75 hours and has a nice throw. Also, the extremely adorable label art was designed by Erica Kenia, local tattoo artist. Fashionista just cannot be held liable if you have no choice but to order a pizza after you light up.

Friends NYC Pizza Candle, $34.99, available here.

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