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The Breezy Linen LBD That's as Comfy as Any Nap Dress

But with a little more polish.
Reformation Tagliatelle Linen Dress, $248, available here.

Reformation Tagliatelle Linen Dress, $248, available here.

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Nap dresses have been enjoying their reign as Dress of Summer for the past few years, and I remain a big fan of them. They're comfy, breezy and easy to throw on when putting together an outfit feels like an overwhelming task. They just make sense. But I've also been looking for slightly more elevated and unique alternatives lately, for those times when I don't feel like twinning with one out of every 10 other New Yorkers I pass on the street. My latest find? Reformation's Tagliatelle Linen Dress.

The Tagliatelle Dress is both named after a type of pasta and an ideal look to wear while eating pasta. (I've tested this particular scenario personally — a feat of journalistic research, I know.) This linen LBD is every bit as breezy and comfy as a nap dress, but with a bit more polish and a unique, slightly arched square neckline I'm truly obsessed with. Made from a flax-based linen, it's structured without feeling stiff, and lined so I can go braless in it and still feel totally secure.

It brings together trendy elements — a corset-like bodice and scalloped lace trim, for example — but does so in a way that makes them feel timeless. I also love that the straps can be adjusted via hidden buttons at the back, which allow me to change things up and criss-cross them to get a perfect fit. It's available in a variety of cute prints (I love the blush check in particular) or clean white, should you not be a New Yorker who considers black a perfectly apt summer wardrobe choice.

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All in all, it's a *chef's kiss* of a dress. And yes, that's a pun I couldn't not use because of the whole pasta thing.

Reformation Tagliatelle Linen Dress, $248, available here.

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