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The funny thing about the most in-your-face trends of recent seasons is that they're nothing you haven't seen before. Of course, we know that trends are cyclical, that "there's no such thing as a new idea" — still, the most sought-after products for the summer still feels so fresh in our brain, thanks to a Y2K resurgence that's showing no signs of slowing down. 

As a matter of fact, the biggest trends right now are reminding us of our packing lists for summer camp: cargo shorts, trucker hats, beaded necklaces, friendship bracelets... Even toe rings are making a comeback. You can choose to either scour your closet/basement/storage unit for the originals, or you can shop these very familiar pieces on the market right now, with some 2022 updates. We've rounded up some of our favorites for summer in the galleries, below. 

Tube Tops

Cargo Shorts

Trucker Hats

Platform Sandals

Beaded Necklaces

Body Chains

Sling Bags

Dad Sandals

Birthstone Necklaces

Friendship Bracelets

Toe Rings

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