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8 Drugstore Mascaras Makeup Artists Actually Use

Not one of these expert-approved lash enhancers costs more than $20.
drugstore mascaras

Experts suggest replacing your tube of mascara every two-to-three months. That inherently makes it a product you re-purchase at least a handful of times a year — so it shouldn't necessarily be a beauty routine investment piece.

The good news is that there are plenty of high-quality drugstore mascaras out there, with innovative formulas, carefully designed applicators and blessedly modest price tags. Chances are, you could replace your Diorshow with one of them easily, and not bat a lash (or risk clumping one, either). 

To find out which drugstore lash enhancers are top-tier, I turned to a panel of pro makeup artists who have tried it all. In the gallery below, Jaleesa Jaikaran, Katie Jane Hughes, Vincent Oquendo and Tony Tulve each share their favorite inexpensive mascaras to define, fluff, lengthen and enhance lashes. The best part? Not one of the expert-approved picks costs more than $20, and some of them even cost half that much.

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