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These Are Simply the Best Press On Nails (With the Best Designs)

And I've tried a whole slew of different fake nails.
Chillhouse Chill Tips, $16, available here.

Chillhouse Chill Tips, $16, available here.

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Over the past several years, I've become a press-on nail devotee. Ever since Amanda Mitchell wrote about her connection to fake nails for Fashionista — and also explained how to DIY them in a totally not intimidating way — I've felt excited by the range of manicure options press-ons can offer.

During the pandemic, I was one of the droves of people who turned to press-ons because nail salons were closed (or sometimes, simply out of boredom). It quickly became my preferred means of nail adornment, and as I practiced applying them, it became far quicker, easier and more cost-effective than going to the salon. I've tried a whole bunch of different brands, shapes, styles and designs, and for me there is one clear standout: Chillhouse Chill Tips.

At first glance, Chillhouse didn't necessarily do anything revolutionary with its press-ons — they're the usual small pieces of plastic accompanied by the standard mini orangewood stick to push back cuticles, file to shape them and nail glue. But the shape (oval-y almond) and length (far longer than my natural nails ever grow, but still believable that maybe they could) set them apart for me. They happen to fit my nail beds rather perfectly (something I acknowledge is far from universal), and end up being really comfortable to wear because of that. 

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For me, what really sets Chill Tips apart from the pack are the designs: Chillhouse is known for the trendy, Insta-famous nail art it doles out in its New York salon, and the press-ons feature that same attention to detail, with options that feel trendy and fresh. My current favorite is "Checked Out 2.0," a French manicure with blue checkered tips. But there are a whole range of appealing designs in different colors, prints and degrees of maximalism. 

I'm hooked, and any time I try a different brand of press-ons, I find myself feeling disappointed that I didn't go with my trusty Chill Tips.

Chillhouse Chill Tips, $16, available here.

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