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The Chic Claw Clip That Also Makes Air-Drying Your Hair Amazingly Simple

A cute accessory and a no-heat styling tool in one.
Crown Affair The Claw Clips, $54 for two, available here.

Crown Affair The Claw Clips, $54 for two, available here.

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Whether born out of a desire for improved hair health or simply a lack of interest in spending one's time maneuvering a hot tool for the better part of an hour, air-drying has become a go-to technique for many of us, especially in the last few years and particularly during the summer. But with my hair texture — fine and wavy, with a tendency to turn into puffy cotton candy if left to its own devices — air-drying can be tricky to get right. 

I've spent most of the summer twisting my hair up in a claw clip and just leaving it there — the perfect heatwave style. But after trying out Crown Affair's newly launched version of claw clips (and the founder's special air-dry technique to create loose waves sans heat), my air-dry game completely changed.

Crown Affair The Claw Clips, $54 for two, available here.

Crown Affair The Claw Clips, $54 for two, available here.

The medium-sized tortoise claw clips — which come in a set of two — are specifically designed to help with air drying, among other things. Handmade from Italian plant-based cellulose acetate, they feature a special internal grip to hold all air types, from slippery fine hair (like mine) to curly and kinky textures. They're ultra-durable (I've broken a claw clip or two in my day, so I love that), and really grip hair in place.

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I love these chic accessories for adding a bit of polish to my go-to hairstyle when I wear it up, but I'm even more impressed by what they can accomplish as part of a no-heat styling routine. When I follow Crown Affair founder/amazing hair haver Dianna Cohen's air-dry "twist and clip" technique (which she's generously shared all over social media) using these clips, I get effortless-looking loose waves that don't turn fluffy at all.

Cohen's process includes twisting sections of damp hair strategically away from the face, clipping those twists in place with said claws, and then letting the air dry happen. The clips hold hair in place during this heatless styling routine, without leaving behind annoying kinks you might get with others — super simple, surprisingly effective. 

I get the best results when I prep my hair with leave-in conditioner and a curl enhancer first. (I love Crown Affair's Leave-In Conditioner and R+Co's Ring Tone Ultra Defining Gel Crème.) Granted, this routine definitely works best for fine hair with a bit of a natural wave, like mine, but I still highly recommend the hair clips for absolutely anyone.

Crown Affair The Claw Clips, $54 for two, available here.

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