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Hi Fashionista! I'm Andrea

A letter to you, dear reader, signed with love and lots of excitement.
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Dearest reader,

My first day at Fashionista felt like the first day back to school. I grew up excited about that day, thinking about what people would wear (naturally) and what hefty books I'd have the privilege of storing in my new locker. Being an official grown-up now (and oddly missing school), it was nostalgic to be sleepless before my first day at Fashionista. I took a train from Brooklyn into Manhattan and exited the subway station trying to reorient myself, which is a dizzying experience for any new New Yorker emerging onto the busy streets. After some Google Maps refreshing, elevators and wandering around the building, I made it to our office – or to a beautiful beginning.

My path here was unexpected although everything I have dreamed of. I credit it to all the right rejections, an undercurrent pulling me towards what I love; and people along the way who have shaped, accepted and loved me. I grew up on the South Side of Chicago before leaving for college in Cambridge. In May, I graduated from Harvard after studying cognitive neuroscience and evolutionary psychology with a secondary in African American studies. Based on that, it may be confusing to make the fashion connection, and that's exactly where I derive my satisfaction: finding all the ways the world is connected. (And of course, a big part of me loving this work is that I adore beautiful things and the glamour.) 

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Before Fashionista, I freelanced for Byrdie, The Zoe Report, Sweet July and Business Insider. I also covered metals and agriculture at Bloomberg for a summer and am a music contributor at Forbes. I also love poetry.

Everyday, we wear clothes. Thus, we are all involved in fashion. We fashion our appearances as we present ourselves to the world, to our families, to our lovers, to oceans of strangers. Though it can feel like an utmost exclusive industry, the truth is that we're all involved in fashion and beauty. As I get my footing at Fashionista, I'm eager to strike up new conversations and find the ever-changing pulse of culture. Here's to behind-the-scenes content, features with your favorite artists, a 411 on everything going on and lots of fun.

With love,

Andrea, your new fashion and beauty writer (on Instagram)

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