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39 Standout Beauty Looks From NYFW Spring 2023 Street Style

Featuring party-ready makeup, maximalist manicures and so many takes on pigtail braids.
On the street at New York Fashion Week Spring 2023.

On the street at New York Fashion Week Spring 2023.

As the New York Fashion Week come to a close, it's tempting to immediately turn our attention overseas to whatever excitement the European fashion powers that be are about to serve up for Spring 2023. But before we jump across the pond, let's take a moment to appreciate the many iconic street style moments we witnessed stateside — and especially the iconic street style beauty moments. 

Easily the most dominant hair trend among the street style set was braids: Pigtail braids, cornrows, braided ponytail ropes, box braids — we saw them all, in spades. (Also notable: It seems the Great Street Style Hair Accessory Revival of the past few seasons has mostly petered out, with a handful of exceptions.)

Neon hair color was having a moment as well. We spotted vivid pink, acidic green, fiery red and ombré purple-and-blue, to name just a few.

As for makeup, many showgoers brought maximalist adornment to their faces and nails in the form of crystal appliqués, floating eyeliner, bold metallics, geometric eye shadow and otherwise party-ready touches. 

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In the gallery below, see the most memorable beauty moments from outside the Spring 2023 shows in New York.

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