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The Vanilla Perfume That's Sure to Attract Compliments

By Rosie Jane's new, delectable scent is a new obsession.
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Everyone has been telling me I smell good lately, and though I usually like to keep some beauty secrets, this is one I have to tell. I smell irresistibly sweet because of the latest fragrance I added to my collection: By Rosie Jane Dulce.

As much as I love dressing myself in beautiful, flow-y dresses or soft crewnecks at the coming of sweater weather, I never leave without wearing a fragrance. Alongside my shelves of books, I also have a sort of fragrance library. I think it's a delight to smell good and to elevate your presence by activating the senses of those around you. Accordingly, I'm always looking for delectable and striking scents.

Dulce is just that.

Made with notes of vanilla, hinoki wood and nude musk, it's a decadent smell with a bit of complexity to it. It's not just sweet, but it has a slight kick to it. Brand founder Rosie Jane created this scent as an ode her early days in Los Angeles, having first arrived in the '90s. (Interestingly enough, fashion trends are also wrapped up in the nostalgia of a few decades ago.)

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This eau de parfum, priced at $70 for a 1.7 oz. bottle, is supposed to feel like "long kisses, mixtapes and sweet dreams," according to the website. I think it feels just like that, as well as the playlist full of throwbacks dedicated to the scent. It's a vial of sweet romance and nostalgia.

Beyond a scent that smells good, one that lasts long is even harder to find. I've learned a bag of tricks to make fragrance last longer, and they're awfully helpful, but can be also be awfully inconvenient. With Dulce, I don't even have to try. The smell stays all day from my morning commute on the subway through late night events.

By Rosie Jane Dulce Eau de Parfum, $70, available here.

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