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Cynthia Erivo Serves High-Fashion, Galliano-Era Dior Fairy Princess on the Red Carpet

A real vintage revival moment.

Heads turned and jaws dropped when actor singer and producer Cynthia Erivo arrived at the world premiere of Disney's "Pinocchio" on Tuesday in a breathtaking Christian Dior evening gown from Fall 2004 — i.e. the John Galliano years.

The apt choice is ultimately thanks to the Academy Award nominee's stylist, Jason Bolden, who paired the look with a pair of gold platform pumps, matching gold rings and gold cuff bracelet. The fantastical gown is a perfect reflection of Erivo's fairytale character in the film: the blue fairy, perhaps best remembered as the one who transforms Pinocchio from a puppet into a living being. 

"She's a fairy in the fullest way," Erivo told Variety. "You don't get to do that kind of thing very often, so to be able to play her and look like that was really just special. Like, the little girl in me was jumping up and down inside. I was really, really pleased." 

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The silhouette of the archival gown Erivo wore to the premiere draws from the "Edwardiana/teddy boy revival of the 1950s," then taken to a theatrical max, as Sarah Mower noted in her review of the collection for Vogue back when it first walked down the runway.. The scaled detailing running down the dress, chiffon spilling around her feet and overall mermaid silhouette imbue it with a dreamy aquatic feel. Seeing these kinds of pieces on the red carpet is always a great reminder of how these looks can be given a new life and re-interpreted. Twitter users were quick to praise it — as well as the clever choice of green as a nod to Erivo's upcoming role in "Wicked" — online. 

For those looking to relive their childhood memories, "Pinocchio" is now available to stream on Disney+. 

Homepage image: Rich Polk/Getty Images for Disney

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