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Gigi Hadid Launches Cashmere Brand, Guest in Residence

Just in time for fall.

Gigi Hadid is known for modeling clothes for other brands, but the multi-hyphenate is now venturing into a new domain with the launch of her own brand, Guest in Residence.

Last month, Hadid took to Instagram to unveil a series of behind-the-scenes images, teasing a new project under the account @guestinresidence and giving a sneak peek into her creative process.

"A symbol of elegance and refined comfort, cashmere has long been viewed as a luxury, unattainable for some. Our Creative Director @gigihadid wanted to shift this model using both her world-class fashion experience, and quirky sense of style, to create a fresh offering with more approachable pricing, hoping to invite a wider audience into the world of luxury knitwear" the caption read. 

Guest in Residence launched on September 7 with cashmere pieces including slim-fit joggers, hoodies, tanks, scarves, beanies that come in a myriad of warm hues like bubble-gum pink, turmeric yellow and cherry red among many others — most of which will be priced under $400. 

"We are guests on this planet and in our bodies. Guests in our clothes. Guests when we travel or step out of our comfort zone. We can even feel like guests to ourselves, navigating life while learning who we are," the press release reads. "The one guarantee as a guest is that your trip isn’t permanent. Therefore, time is a guest's ultimate luxury. We designed Guest In Residence with time in mind. While our own time may finite, we set out to create future heirlooms, constructing pieces with integrity and intention. We hope our pieces represent well-lived lives for generations."

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This isn't the first time Hadid has tried her hand at design. She previously collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger on four collections, worked with Vogue Eyewear in 2017 on a capsule and, most recently, designed a line with swimsuits brand Frankie's Bikinis

Despite her stacked resume, Hadid waited until the right moment to introduce Guest in Residence. In a statement, she said of launching the brand: "I wasn't trying to rush it. I knew that something would come to me that felt right, that had integrity to it." 


What "felt right" was sticking to the values she grew up with. Being raised by parents who invested in cherished pieces, Hadid was adamant about sourcing the highest quality cashmere from Inner Mongolia. In fact, all the Guest in Residence pieces are created from a biodegradable yarn that avoids pilling, giving it the longevity knitwear lovers desire. 


To realize Hadid's creative vision, Guest in Residence hired some of the industry's best. The head designer, Sijeo Kim, previously worked at The Row; longtime friend and fashion editor Gabriella Karefa Johnson was enlisted to help with styling; Julia Wagner's the art director. The debut campaign features 100 portraits shot by Pablo Di Prima, with models spanning from young adults to 100-year-olds, both professional and not.

You can shop Guest in Residence at 

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