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The Perfect Merch, Courtesy of Guy Fieri

Let's roll out to Flavortown.
Guy Fieri "FLAVOR" crewneck, $60, available here.

Guy Fieri "FLAVOR" crewneck, $60, available here.

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I watch a lot of television — like an "I talk about it in therapy" a lot of television. That being said, I have also made up rules for myself about pretty much always having to watch new-to-me things as opposed to the very common behavior of rewatching comfort shows over and over.

I'm not completely immune to the powers of a rewatch, though. My personal politics are anti-police, but I could watch "SVU" reruns on USA for hours. (For what it's worth, I think the show is most accurate when it shows the NYPD as incompetent as they truly are.) I have seen every episode of "Sex And The City" no fewer than 20 times. I smoke enough weed that I have forgotten how most episodes of "Catfish" end and can rewatch them endlessly (well, for the roughly five hours a week MTV isn't airing "Ridiculousness"). I will also never turn down a Friday "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" marathon.

As far as I'm concerned, the only person who's allowed to have beef with Guy Fieri is Anthony Bourdian (RIP beautiful angel). "Triple D" notably does absolutely incredible things for restaurants. Fieri feeds firefighters battling wildfires. He regularly supports charitable causes. He gifted us trash can nachos. He spawned a billion Halloween costumes. He makes absolutely ludicrous, incredibly charming statements about food, flip-flops and the utopia that is Flavortown.

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This is all to say: I will be buying this absolutely perfect item of merchandise — a basic crewneck with "FLAVOR" screen-printed on the front. Do I need another sweatshirt? Probably not. Does Guy Fieri need my dollars? Definitely not. But I love it, just like I love sitting down with a drink and a snack and watching endless hours of sandwiches, noodles, desserts, an extremely limited amount of eggs and my platinum blonde, spiky-haired king, rolling out one more time.

Guy Fieri Flavor Crewneck, $60, available here.

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