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Kourtney Kardashian Barker Expands Wellness Empire With Gummy Supplement Brand Lemme

The company's mission is to offer "clean" gummy vitamins backed by clinical research.
Kourtney Kardashian Barker for Lemme.

Kourtney Kardashian Barker for Lemme.

Kourtney Kardashian Barker's wellness empire is expanding. 

On Monday, she announced the launch of Lemme, a "new vitamin and supplement brand with innovative science-backed formulations that are delicious, clean and packaged in 100% post consumer-recycled materials," per a press release. 

Kardashian Barker has dabbled in wellness products in the past via collaborations between her platform Poosh and brands like Liquid I.V., Goop, Saje, Alka Glam, Vital Proteins and Hora, but Lemme is the first independent direct-to-consumer venture in the space for her. (Notably, husband Travis Barker is also involved in the supplements biz via Barker Wellness Co., which sells CBD gummies, along with tinctures, bath bombs and pain relief balms.)

Described as "the culmination of Kourtney's decades-long passion for health and wellness," the brand's mission is to offer "clean" vitamins and supplements backed by clinical research, according to the release. It will be sold direct-to-consumer online beginning on Sept. 27.

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The debut Lemme product lineup.

The debut Lemme product lineup.

At launch, Lemme's offerings span three SKUs: Lemme Matcha (a blend of matcha, CoQ10 and vitamin B 12 to "promote energy metabolism and aid in the conversion of food into energy"), Lemme Chill (which contains KSM-66 and ashwagandha "to support reduced stress, healthy cortisol levels and reduce stress-related food cravings") and Lemme Focus (a mix of vitamin B12, lion's mane, MCT oil and cognizin citicoline "to support focus, concentration and attention"). Each product will retail for $30.

As for the brand name, Kardashian Barker told WSJ. Magazine in an exclusive interview: "I couldn't think of the right word for each scenario [in which to take a supplement], but we'd say all the time, 'Lemme focus on this.' Once we realized we use it so much in our vocabulary, none of us could get it out of our heads." 

Lemme will be available exclusively online at on Sept. 27.

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