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That's a wrap on New York Fashion Week! And though we still have London, Milan and Paris to go, the first wave of Spring 2023 collections gave us plenty to think about — and certainly enough to start scheming about what the major trends will be six months from now. 

We've already made some guesses, based on all the looks that sent us straight back to the early 2010s. But you can read up on all the big takeaways from the spring runways in the galleries below. We'll see you across the pond. 

Belly Button Windows

Belly button windows, tummy curtains — the jury's still out on what we call the styling trick that's dominated New York Fashion Week. Luckily, we have six months to figure it out. 

Blow-up Capes

We love clothes that seem to ask, "Me? Am I the drama?" The blow-up caped shoulders and sleeves we saw on the Spring 2023 runways in New York certainly fit that bill. It's a trend and a performance! 

Boobs Out

Brands don't seem to be too concerned about what's SFW versus not for Spring 2023, given how many tits-forward looks we're seeing on the runways. 

Bubble Hems

In case you missed it: It's 2013 again! At least, that's the inevitable conclusion when you look at all the 2010s trends we're seeing come back for Spring 2023. 

Floor-Sweeping Fringe

A recurring theme in fashion trends from recent years is: If you're going to do something, do it with your chest. That means that if you're wanting to try something knew, go all-out — and in the case of Spring 2023, that translate into supersized fringe, the kind that can nearly sweep the floor behind you. 

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High-Low Hemlines

The days of hiding our footwear choices under maxi skirts are numbered — because the high-low hem is back and more powerful than ever. 

Long Denim Skirts

Another nostalgic silhouette making its return to the trend cycle, long denim skirts feature prominently not only in the Spring 2023 collections, but also in the street style outside of New York Fashion Week. (So, don't feel like you have to wait until March to take it out for a spin.)

Peplum Waists

It may not technically be vintage, but peplum waists certainly take us back in time — to 2012, maybe, and questionable interpretations of "business casual." But designers are changing the narrative for Spring 2023, revisiting the shapely silhouette in ways both subtle and exaggerated. 

Retro Utility Pockets

Looking ahead, the brands are thinking practically, and making sure your favorite outfit comes with plenty of storage for all your essentials. Hence, pockets everywhere.

Lime Green

In its seasonal color trend report, the Pantone Color Institute highlighted "an exotic green with a lively character" called Love Bird as a shade to watch for Spring 2023. And sure enough, we're noticing lots of bright lime in the new collections. 


If you didn't get your fill of citrus from all that lime, add a dash of tangerine to your Spring 2023 wardrobe. Designers are giving us more than enough to work with with their latest New York Fashion Week collections, featuring a range of tangerine shades across ready-to-wear. 

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