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After ogling pictures of beautiful strangers flaunting their fashions in the street over the past few weeks, we've found ourselves uncontrollably tempted to shop what they're wearing. Often, the first stop will be handbags.

In recent years, logomania has been the predominant trend across accessories. Valentino leaned into its signature V at its most recent show, with some models wearing it literally head-to-toe. Fendi's Spring 2023 handbags feature the brand's name boldly. Telfar's totes are an absolute must-have, seen everywhere on the street and instantly recognizable via its logo.

There are many reasons why logos are so popular. They're fun to wear. They unite us with a tribe. They can make us feel a certain way or win the attention we want others to show us. Still, lean too much into logomania, and you run the risk of overpowering your personal style. 

When it comes to handbags, going for something unbranded can often result in a more sophisticated and versatile look. If you want the brand you're wearing to compliment your outfit rather than dominate it, look to options that aren't bedazzled with logos. It doesn't change the quality of craftsmanship of the piece — if anything, it adds an element of mystery: When it's hard to tell who made your bag, it draws folks in. 

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In the gallery below, you'll find 21 of our favorite handbags without logos. Happy shopping!

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