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Fashion Editor Long Nguyen Has Passed Away

Nguyen co-founded "Flaunt" magazine, and contributed numerous fashion week reviews to Fashionista.

Fashion stylist and critic Long Nguyen recently passed away of a longtime illness, according to Business of Fashion. The Vietnamese-born editor was 59. 

During his decades-long career, Nguyen held a variety of roles. He made his debut in fashion in the late 1980s when he serendipitously met Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana at a restaurant. The encounter developed into a job, in which Nguyen would go on to open Dolce & Gabbana's first U.S. office, as well as form relationships with pop-stars such as Madonna

Nguyen then served as the style director at Detour Magazine, where he produced a series of controversial images during the "heroin-chic" era of the 1990s. The stylist co-founded Flaunt Magazine in 1988, working as its style director for two decades. Nguyen is responsible for many of the magazine's early editorials that were edgy and experimental. He eventually left the publication in 2019 following allegations of sexual misconduct and lawsuits filed by a former assistant against its chief executive officer. 

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Throughout the last decade, Nguyen also happened to be an on-and-off contributor here at Fashionista. He reviewed a number of shows during international fashion weeks, including Comme des Garçons, Dior, Chanel and many more, using his encyclopedic knowledge of fashion to reflect thoughtfully on their collections. 

We at Fashionista are forever grateful for his contributions. We extend our condolences to Nguyen's family and friends.