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The thing about fashion shows is that it can be hard to appreciate the detail on what you see walk down the runway. Your seat can be too far away (or your view blocked by someone's head or phone); or, there are just too many things to focus on at once. That's why we'll revisit the images after the fact, or wait for the brand to release close-ups of a new collection — and why editors, stylists, buyers and other industry professionals schedule re-sees. 

Nicolas Ghesquière didn't want the details to get lost in his latest collection for Louis Vuitton. In fact, he made sure you couldn't miss them, blowing up the size of a puff collar, a zipper, a buckle, a button, a bow, a belt — you name it, he supersized it for Spring 2023. 

"Femininity is at the heart of the matter and Louis Vuitton joins the conversation: looking at it through emphasis, glorifying its complexity, magnifying it, putting it in the spotlight," the brand writes in the show notes. "It's a stylistic exercise that re-evaluates the proportions of clothing and its adjuncts, one in which the codes of femininity unsettle scale."

This season, "the infinitely large and the infinitely small come together on silhouettes, inviting a second look," the notes explain. The details Louis Vuitton blows up in proportion aren't random, either: They represent "the custodians of a story that endures," accoutrements that have been, and will continue to be, part of the brand's legacy. There are also XXL pouches and top-handle clutches, confirming a trend we've seen across Spring 2023 collections: It's all about the big bags.

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There was also a supersized element to the venue. Louis Vuitton tapped artist Philippe Parreno to design the set for Tuesday's show, staged outdoors at the Louvre's Place du Carrousel, which is described as a "monster-flower," from which models — including brand ambassador/Ghesquière favorite/"Squid Game" star Hoyeon Jung — emerged. 

See every single look from Louis Vuitton's Spring 2023 collection in the gallery below.

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