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This Y2K Sparkly Ring Is a Much-Needed Kidcore Throwback

These custom-made resin designs from Sprkl Shop are made for the kid at heart.
The Sprkl Shop Custom Ring, $125-$170, available here

The Sprkl Shop Custom Ring, $125-$170, available here

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Like many people, I'm a firm believer that accessories can elevate an outfit. If you're on the hunt for a statement piece that's unlike the typical sleek silver and gold jewelry on the market right now, that's where the Sprkl Shop comes in – the latest rising label that makes custom accessories right in Brooklyn, founded by Mariel Pica and operated by an all-women team.

As a 2000s baby (right on the year, let me emphasize), my early memories are of pasting macaroni to construction paper and finishing it off with a load of glittery confetti. Oh, how I miss those days. Thankfully, the early-aughts nostalgia has entered our trend radar stronger than ever, so when I was given the opportunity to create and wear my very own arts-and-crafts masterpiece, I had to say yes. 

With sizing ranging from 5 to 8, you can select from sterling silver or you can opt for silver that's plated in 18K gold. The rings come in three shapes: heart, oval and circle. After you pick your material and shape, you can select a background color of your choice, like blue or pink. Finally, the brand has you describe in-depth the kinds of sparkles you want, which are coated and sealed in resin once completed. (In addition to rings, you can also create other kitschy knickknacks, from earrings and hair clips to home accessories like ashtrays and lighters, along with phone cases and more.)

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My request was pretty straightforward: I wanted lots of smileys, rainbows and shine. About two weeks after I submitted my request, my order arrived at our office door, encased in a gray box and the label's floral sticker. I haven't taken it off since. (A sizing note: It's a tad smaller than expected, but that's something the site mentions beforehand.)

As a 22-year-old just getting started in my career, I have to admit that spending even $125 on a ring is a bit out of budget for me. (My Sprkl Shop ring was gifted.) But I will say, the quality doesn't disappoint at all. It has become my go-to ring for just about every day, stacked with my other gold-and-silver mixed "ringscape." And you best believe I will be treating myself and my close ones to another customizable creation from the shop — everyone needs just a little bit of sparkle to brighten up their day, right?

The Sprkl Shop Custom Ring, $125-$170, available here

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