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In Partnership Yella Fashionista

If you’ve been overwhelmed trying to find the right activewear set that not only looks good, but is just as good for the environment as for your skin, we feel you. In an online world of countless options of athleticwear, it can get exhausting.

We’re on it.

We’ve searched high and low for responsible activewear companies that offer technical and flattering fabrics and designs. You should know what you’re sweating in, and feel good about its impact in the world.

The search is over.

YELLA Activewear makes their line with fabrics from a totally renewable source, 100% petroleum-free. They’re created with a low-impact production process in terms of water and energy. They’re often made with recycled materials and with enhanced biodegradability, even in seawater. And the makers reduce the movement of goods by completing all processes within their plant, limiting CO2 emissions.

TLDR: the manufacturers are ethically and environmentally responsible. So, your activewear can be eco-friendly, but can it be workout-ready?

Absolutely it can. The founder herself puts them to the test before the line even hits markets. Full hot yoga class, sweat and all, and these leggings were dry within the hour. They’re flexible enough to give you a great range of motion, thick enough to conceal undergarments, and conforming enough to keep you supported. Plus, YELLA designs are made to make you look good, like, “damn, who is this chick”, good, including simple, elongated lines and silhouettes that contour your natural shape.

These Yellas were made to give you the confidence to get moving however you can, and assurance that you’re doing good for the environment. So, if you’re ready to make a smart switch, these leave a lasting impression.