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It was another busy year for fashion: Every other week brought another major headline, between creative director switch-ups, supermodel comebacks and viral runway moments. The industry proved it's back in business — and louder than ever. That much was clear on the runways, on and off-schedule.

The 2022 shows began on a high note with a dazzling haute couture collection by Glenn Martens for Jean Paul Gaultier that still has people talking and Mathieu Blazy's buzzy debut for Bottega Veneta. That momentum continued well into the fall: The Spring 2023 debuts had everything from a dress spray-painted live onto Bella Hadid to 68 sets of identical twins sent down the Gucci runway, for what would be Alessandro Michele's final show for the house. Then, there were the off-calendar presentations that still made a big impact, like Ralph Lauren's L.A. blowout and Christopher John Rogers' colorful resort display. 

All those shocking runway moments have definitely set a precedent for 2023. Before the clock strikes 12 on 2022, relive the most memorable fashion shows of the year, superlative-style. Until next season!

Best Show: Thom Browne Spring 2023 

Thom Browne S23 001
Thom Browne S23 029
Thom Browne S23 032

Best Vibe: Collina Strada Spring 2023 

Collina Strada S23 015
Collina Strada S23 021
Collina Strada S23 025

Best Casting: Gucci Spring 2023

M's&W's Gucci Twinsburg EXIT KEY_PR30
M's&W's Gucci Twinsburg EXIT KEY_PR61
M's&W's Gucci Twinsburg EXIT KEY_PR66

Nepo Baby-est: Miu Miu Spring 2023 

Miu Miu S23 001
Miu Miu S23 022
Miu Miu S23 058

Most Joyful Color Palette: Christopher John Rogers Resort 2023 

Christopher John Rogers Resort 2023 1
Christopher John Rogers Resort 2023 2
Christopher John Rogers Resort 2023 3

Best Bags: Dauphinette Spring 2023

dauphinette spring 2023
dauphinette spring 2023 1
Dauphinette spring 2023 2

Best Shoes: Simone Rocha Spring 2023

Simone Rocha Spring 20231
Simone Rocha Spring 20232
Simone Rocha Spring 20233

Most... Most: Balmain Festival Spring 2023

Balmain Spring 20231
Balmain Spring 20232
Balmain Spring 20233

Most Viral: Coperni Spring 2023 

coperni spring 20231
coperni spring 20232
coperni spring 20233

Most Sophisticated (and Rich-Looking): Ralph Lauren Spring 2023 

Ralph Lauren Spring 20231
Ralph Lauren Spring 20232
Ralph Lauren Spring 20234

Most Exciting Emerging Collection: Bad Binch Tong Tong 

bad binch tong tong spring 2023

Most Likely to Make You Book a Jamaican Vacation: Theophilio 

theophilio spring 2023 1
theophilio spring 2023 2
theophilio spring 2023 3

Most On-Point Venue: Batsheva 

Batsheva spring 2023 1
Batsheva spring 2023 2
Batsheva spring 2023 3

Most Likely to Get Us to Sign Up for Adult Ballet Classes: Sandy Liang

Sandy Liang Spring 2023 1
Sandy Liang Spring 2023 2
Sandy Liang Spring 2023 3

Most Likely to Inspire Memes: JW Anderson 

jw anderson spring 2023 1
jw anderson spring 2023 2
jw anderson spring 2023 3

Most Likely to Make Jaws Drop: Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture by Glenn Martens

Jean Paul Gaulthier Spring 2022 1
Jean Paul Gaulthier Spring 2022 2
Jean Paul Gaulthier Spring 2022 3

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