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What does legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath have in common with George Lucas, the filmmaker behind the "Star Wars" franchise? Both are considered visionary geniuses, both have inspired legions of fans and both have become icons in their own right. And now, their creative visions have joined forces, if you will, in the form of Star Wars x Pat McGrath Labs, an 18-piece color cosmetics collection that draws inspiration from the films.

Specifically focused on the classic trilogy — "Star Wars: A New Hope," "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" and "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi" —  and created in collaboration with Lucasfilm, the collection includes a 10-pan eye shadow palette, three five-pan eye shadow palettes, four multi-use metallic pigments, four mascaras, three liquid lipsticks and three lip glosses.

"I've always been a fan of 'Star Wars,' from an early age, from the first film. It takes you to another world," McGrath tells Fashionista. "So when I'm taken to the other world, I see colors." 


Each of the three five-pan shadow palettes are inspired by a specific iconic character of that original trilogy. "One is Divine Droid, which is rich colors [inspired by] R2D2, purples, pinks, blues," McGrath says. "We have The Golden One, which is based on C3PO — bronzes, golds, warm tones; then we have Sith Seduction, which is the Dark Side and based on Darth Vader — beautiful, deep metallic tones."

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There's a heavy emphasis on metallics ("you know how I feel about gold, so C3PO is a big deal for me"), as well as vibrant colors, which appear in the form of shimmery eye shadows as well as in pink, blue-violet and turquoise mascaras. (There's also a classic black mascara for traditionalists.) Beyond those core characters, McGrath drew from the entire Star Wars universe, "from the metals on the spaceships to the desert and sunsets on Tatooine," to inspire the color cosmetics.  

The Star Wars x Pat McGrath Labs collection is available beginning Dec. 16 exclusively on, with expansion into Sephora stores to follow in January. Scroll through for a first look at the products, along with prices.


With reporting by Ana Colón.

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