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Drexel University

Drexel University building interior. Photo: Courtesy of Drexel University

Drexel University building interior. Photo: Courtesy of Drexel University

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


Undergraduate: Fashion Design; Design and Merchandising

Graduate: Fashion Design; Retail and Merchandising

Annual Tuition: 

Undergraduate: $52,146

Graduate: $1,056 per credit hour

Famous Alumni: Carole Hochman (CEO, Naked Brands), Adriana Galijasevic (denim and sustainability expert, G Star Raw) Gail Onorato (divisional president and global brand leader at Ralph Lauren)

Companies that recruit from this school, according to the school: Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Urbn, Macy's, TJX Companies, Lilly Pulitzer, Abercrombie & Fitch, J.Crew, Under Armour, Komar Brands/Carole Hochman Division

Enrollment: around 400

Graduation Rate: 79%

Class Size: 20 students

Student/Teacher Ratio: 12:1

Classes are Taught in: English

Percentage of International Students: 10%

What the Students Say:

"The retail and merchandising masters program provides a competitive advantage for students who are looking to advance faster in the workforce and to reach executive positions in fashion and retail and merchandising."

"I've only been here three weeks but my major (design + merchandising) is so specific and it seems like I'll have the ability to tailor my learning to exactly what I want for my future, which is to sell fashion. Other universities only have business majors and don't even put emphasis on the creative side of selling products and garments. If you know exactly or almost exactly where you want your career to go, then a specific major like this is great."

"Drexel provides the skills for you to go into a variety of careers and the co-op program not only helps you figure out what avenue you want to pursue, but gives you real world experience to get a job out of college."

Drexel University is very hands-on and practical. Instead of spending your first two years in school taking general education courses, you are enrolled in classes that relate to your major right away. Additionally, Drexel provides study abroad programs that are available to all majors, and six month paid internships during your junior year."

"Drexel University is a very fast paced school as it works on a quarter system. Each quarter is 10 weeks long so there is never a dull moment! I imagine the pace of Drexel's calendar is very similar to the pace of the fashion industry — season by season. I really enjoy the curriculum and am continuously challenged, yet encouraged, by the amazing faculty."

Xiaohe Peng's 2018 Grad Collection. Photo: Courtesy of Drexel University

Xiaohe Peng's 2018 Grad Collection. Photo: Courtesy of Drexel University

The Bottom Line: Many students here have won national and international awards, and gone on to study at the Chambre Syndicale as well as nabbing huge jobs jobs internationally. Though tuition is expensive, the proximity to New York City means that school-year internships aren't out of the question; in fact, they're encouraged. The school's co-op program means you can take six months out of school to do a paid internship. There's also a study-abroad partnership with London College of Fashion, as well as a new one in Seoul with Sungkyunkwan University.

More Info: 

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Last updated December 2019.