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Drexel University

Photo: @drexeluniv/Instagram

Photo: @drexeluniv/Instagram

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Programs: Undergraduate: Fashion Design, Design and Merchandising. Graduate: Fashion Design

Annual Tuition: Undergraduate: $49,632. Graduate: $995 per credit hour.

What the Students Say:

"This program is great if you want to go into industry and design for the mass market. You will learn all about technical design, tech packs, digital and hand-done pattern-making. The design classes include childrenswear, tailoring, swimwear, and sportswear to give the students a taste of multiple parts of the industry. There are creative classes given at the beginning and it becomes difficult to use the things explored in these classes going forward, until senior year. This is a program that offers a bachelor of science and not a bachelor of fine arts. You will not get a strong base in the arts here like you will at an actual art school."

"Drexel's Design and Merchandising program is one of the top in the country, and provides many tools necessary to obtain a creative, professional, and practical manner of approaching design problems. Drexel's quarter terms also allow for a fast- paced work environment and consensual attitude among students in determination, forcing drive in designing intense projects and presentations. Drexel's co-op program is also unmatched, allowing students to gain real work experience in the industry applicable for after college."

"Drexel's program is very tight-knit. I think this is the biggest benefit of the program. Not only do you gain professional experience through co-op, but you are immersed in the community that is the fashion department. By the end of your sophomore year, you know all the professors in the department."

The Bottom Line: Many students have won national and international awards, and gone on to study at the Chambre Syndicale and nab huge jobs in France. Though tuition is expensive, the proximity to New York City means that school-year internships aren't out of the question. And the school's co-op program means you can take six months out of school to do a paid internship. There's also a study-abroad partnership with the London College of Fashion, one of the top fashion schools in the world.

More Info: www.drexel.edu 

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