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Hogeschool at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)



Programs: Fashion and Design, Fashion and Management, Fashion and Branding

Tuition: €7,790 ($9,521 at the current exchange rate) for international students; €1.906 for EU residents)

Misc: Offers English-taught programs, so Dutch fluency isn’t necessary.

What the Students Say:
"Very intensive (a lot of people drop out because they underestimate the study and work load of AMFI) but good and informative lectures. There is lot of practice and projects even when you study Branding and Management. A good balance between theory and practice, good teachers with a lot of experience in the fashion industry."

"This school requires hard work, dedication and responsibility. They don't necessarily make you into an arty farty, but will help you to be ready for the 'real' fashion world. (It's rather commercial.)"

The Bottom Line:
The tuition is heavily subsidized (read: cheap), even for international students. And the education is classic with a modern spin. The school has lots of cool initiatives, like selling student wares in shops around Amsterdam, for exposure and experience.

More Info:

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