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Here's How to Get Involved With Our Job Listings

Photo: Fashionista

Photo: Fashionista

Are you on the hunt for qualified candidates in the fashion, beauty or lifestyle industries? Post a job listing on our careers page to find the perfect fit for your company. 

Starting small, a basic job posting costs $100 and is published on our Careers page, but will of course gradually move down the page as new listings are released. 

The second option is our featured job posting, which is published on our Careers page but remains on the top of the page in the featured spot for however long you may need. This gives your posting increased visibility, and then will revert back to a basic posting when that allotted featured time is over. Pricing for this post is $250 for two days, and $600 for a week. 

As an additional option, your job listing can be included in Fashionista's Daily Newsletter for $100 per day, with the list going out to 65,000 subscribers. 

Both options allow for one tweet to our Twitter followers and a post on the Fashionista Careers Facebook page. Contact to request a listing.