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Kent State University

 Kent State University campus exterior. Photo: Courtesy of Kent State University

 Kent State University campus exterior. Photo: Courtesy of Kent State University

Location: Kent, Ohio, USA


Undergraduate: Fashion Design; Fashion Merchandising

Graduate: Fashion Industry Studies

Annual Tuition: 

Undergraduate: $11,131 for in-state residents; $20,007 for out-of-state

Graduate: $11,766 for in-state residents; $21,952 for out-of-state

Companies that recruit from this school, according to the school: American Eagle, Chanel, Chicos, Cristian Siriano, Dillard's, Kohl's, L Brands, Nordstrom, Oscar De La Renta, Target

New programs and partnerships of note: 

  • Study-abroad partnerships with The Paris American Academy in Paris, France; Polytechnic University in Hong Kong; Dankook University in South Korea; Reutlingen University in Germany; and Regent’s University in London

Enrollment: 1,805

Graduation rate: 78%

Acceptance rate: 70%

Class size: 25

Classes are taught in: English

Percentage of international students: 6%

Job Placement rate: 94%

What the Students Had to Say:

"You are guaranteed plenty of amazing opportunities regarding job experience and networking. The professors and fellow students are open and willing to help you succeed in the industry."

"Kent State Fashion School offers the perfect classes and professors to better understand the field, as well as the advisors who are very helpful in making sure all your courses are balanced out. Kent is the best place to be in a good fashion school and still have the college campus vibes."

"The school offers a number of great resources, including an extensive fashion museum archive, advanced knitting technology, and expert professors. However, not all of these a readily advertised so sometimes you have to seek them out or ask about them."

"The way students are split into classes, you're always with the same couple hundred people. So even in a large university, with Kent's fashion school being one of the largest colleges, you feel connected to your group and it is easy to get to know people."

"If you don't know basic skills like sewing and drawing, don't worry! Kent State's program is unique in the sense that they don't expect you to already know how to do those things."

"If you want to get into knitwear, Kent is one of the best supplied schools in the nation in terms of knitting machines & expertise."

"Although it is easy to get into the program, it’s very difficult to stay in. Make sure you LOVE fashion and the potential career choice you’re choosing when beginning this program."

Student designs. Photo: Courtesy of Kent State University

Student designs. Photo: Courtesy of Kent State University

The Bottom Line: Ohio is becoming a fashion industry hub in its own right, but Kent State has long been a respected school for fashion with many industry connections and a rigorous design program. With a placement rate of more than 90 percent across both fashion design and fashion merchandising, Kent also has campuses in New York and Florence; offers study abroad programs in Paris, Hong Kong, South Korea and London; has a huge endowment for scholarship; and boasts a high-profile program allowing you to complete a fashion-focused undergraduate and MBA in fashion-focused business in just five years. Kent is known for providing a traditional American college experience as well as the skills you need make it in the New York-centric fashion industry. Plus, the school's TechStyle Lab offers students the opportunity to experiment with digital design and new production methods.

More Info: 
Facebook: @kent.fashionschool
Twitter: @KSUFashion
Instagram: @kent.fashionschool

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Last updated December 2019.