Kent State University

Kent State University. Photo: Kent State University

Kent State University. Photo: Kent State University

Location: Kent, Ohio, USA

Programs: Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising

Annual Tuition: $10,012 for in-state residents, $18,212 out-of-state residents

Misc: Has a garment center studio in New York City where 120 students a year go to study.

What the Students Had to Say: 

"Kent State has an amazing fashion program which is very underrated. They have a variety of courses that teach you about all aspects of the industry. Kent also has fashion organizations you can join and be a part of many on campus fashion shows. They also have a highly known annual fashion show which senior designs compete to showcase their work and merchandise students interview to be on the management team of the show. Outside of the Fashion School, Kent is a large university where you can get college experiences from football games, to celebrating homecoming."

"The experience is what you make it. The location is lacking. This limits internship opportunities unless you can afford to study away."

"I absolutely love Kent. It has the perfect mix of buzz in downtown and the midwest charm. You are close to so many resources (and malls). I recommend this program to ANY student thinking of pursuing a career in fashion. The faculty will certainly help you make the right choices if you are lost."

"I feel we have a competitive edge against other fashion schools who are mainly fashion. We are a university who has ties to NYC, Paris, Florence, and Hong Kong. Out faculty has had hands on experience that they share with the students. Our New York Study away programs is why I feel we deserve to be in the top. It sets us apart. Not only can we have a city life but we also get the real college experience."

"The classes are geared toward preparing you for a job in the industry. They teach you necessary skills in order to make it in fashion career while still helping you develop your creativity. The fashion program is also great at helping students figure out if they really do want to be in fashion/if they can handle it. They give us a fast paste, and realistic, work environment that shows what a career in fashion looks like and attempt to weed out those who are not serious/cannot handle it. This school wants to focus on those who will truly be a successful fashion employee and they make sure that everyone knows exactly what they are getting into when they join the program."

The Bottom Line: With a placement rate of over 90% across both fashion design and fashion merchandising, Kent also offers study abroad programs in Paris and Milan, a huge endowment for scholarships, and a high-profile program allowing you to complete a fashion-focused undergraduate and MBA in fashion-focused business in just five years. Kent proves that you can have a traditional American college experience and still learn the skills you need make it in the New York-centric fashion industry. Plus, the school's TechStyle Lab offers students the opportunity to experiment with digital design and new production methods. 

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