Lasalle College International (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

A look from a May 2014 fashion show at Lasalle's Surabaya, Indonesia campus. Photo: Robertus Pudyanto for Getty Images Entertainment 

A look from a May 2014 fashion show at Lasalle's Surabaya, Indonesia campus. Photo: Robertus Pudyanto for Getty Images Entertainment 

Programs: Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Costume Design for Cinema and Television, Men's Fashion Design

Annual Tuition:
 average CAD $14,000 (or $12,061)

What the Students Say:
"I'm currently studying in LCI Barranquilla, which is one of the two campuses Lasalle College International owns in Colombia. To be honest my experience in this school has been off the hook, I wouldn't change a thing about it. Everyday I wake up and I'm more in love with what I do. Sure, fashion studies demand a great variety of time, but you'll see the grateful results at the end. I'm currently a Fashion Design student, and yes, my degree demands a hell lot of time and dedication, but hard work DOES pay off."

"The resources provided by the school throughout the course and afterwards in regards to placements are scarce or non existent. Faculty often play favorites only focusing on students who reflect their personal taste or have a change to be successful in their opinion. Equipment provider for practical training is old and not well maintain. Classrooms often do not have enough working machines, and iron or even enough pattern tables to facilitate all students. School computer labs and printing services are laughable with in lab of about 50 computers and 1 working color printer for a school that provides training in fashion design and marketing as well as illustration, graphic design and photography. it is hard to see where our tuition money goes when they are public schools which offer cheaper tuition with better resources."

"As I live in Montreal and there are not many options for fashion schools in the area and as I am not ready to move, LaSalle was a good option for me. If I did have the option and was willing to move I definitely would not have chosen this college. Montreal is not the best place in any way to study or work in fashion. So, if you have the means to, study somewhere like New York City, London, Paris, Milan or other fashion capitals as they will have much more options for this industry. LaSalle College is very costly and quite honestly, I have no idea as to where every students' money goes. Computers in the school are very old and are always breaking down, the interior of the school looks just like public schools do and if I miss a payment by the slightest they shut down very important parts of my omnivox (where I see all of my homework assignments and grades and where I can communicate with my teachers). Also, it is not a very competitive school to get into, all they are worried about is getting as much students as possible to make the most money possible. All in all, do not go to LaSalle college if you have the option not to. Good luck!"

Bottom Line: Lasalle has campuses across the globe in places as far reaching as Barcelona and Bogota, which means there are lots of opportunities to travel abroad and further enrich your education. 

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