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London College of Fashion

Photo: @lcflondon_/Instagram

Photo: @lcflondon_/Instagram

Location: London, United Kingdom

Programs: There are literally dozens of degrees offered here, from Menswear Design to Fashion Journalism to Shoe Design to Beauty Technology. The school offers BA, MA and even an MBA in fashion through its Fashion Business School. For a full list of degrees, go to:

Misc: The school has developed an Integrated Masters program in a few areas of study where students can qualify for an MA after three years of undergraduate study and one year of post-graduate study. The goal is to "provide a depth of specialist knowledge at Masters level that is highly sought after by employers."

Undergraduate: £19,350 ($25,530 at the current exchange rate) for overseas students; £9,250 for UK and EU residents.

Graduate: £15,720 to £25,720 depending on course and length for overseas students; £9,250 for UK and EU residents.

Famous Alumni: Jimmy Choo, Nicholas Kirkwood, Sophia Webster, Jonathan Anderson, Rupert Sanderson, James Long, Ryan Lo, Karen Dacre, Sarah Harris, Melanie Rickey.

What the Students Say:

"Lovely school. Good facilities."

"Might be a little expensive but totally worth it."

"LCF lectures and seminars are really useful and adopt a multilateral approach covering several areas of interests, but most of work for projects are alumni-driven giving the chance to gain insight into you area of interest. Several important figures of the fashion industry — Stella McCartney, Justin Cooke, Imran Amed to cite some — are regularly coming to talk and inspire students. It's a real time-consuming university and they set the bar really high, but it is worth it. I would strongly recommend LCF without hesitation."

"If you want to study footwear, LCF is the only place to go. The technical lecturers are incredible and they are so supportive in helping you learn the skills."

"London College of Fashion offers a great fashion education and has very unique courses where you can not find in any other fashion school such as Fashion Psychology, Strategic Fashion Marketing, Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Sportswear Design, Fashion Contour, Fashion Illustration. The good thing about my school is it's very industry based we have lots of guest lecturers, internship opportunities, discussions and of course being at the heart of London is a great factor for a fashion student. London College of Fashion is also a very open-minded college and welcomes individuality and acknowledges every student is different in his/her own way."

"The schooling system, under the University of the Arts London, does not put teaching students at the top of their priority. Be prepared to not have a voice in regards to the programs, the board will not listen and frankly will not care what the majority or minority of students wish to learn. They continue to be all about the paycheck and let the name of the university do all the talking. The students are absolutely incredible and talented, it is the majority of teachers that are lacking."

"You get out exactly what you put in. The faculty is there to support you, but you have to be self motivated and take initiative to learn."

The Bottom Line: LCF's strength lies in its holistic approach to a fashion education and its focus on preparing students to be more than just designers. Its sheer number of degree and course options is also unparalleled making it a strong option if you have a specific area of focus like footwear or journalism or something even more niche that doesn't have as strong a program elsewhere. Alumni and students also say the focus is "commercial" and "practical," rather than purely creative.

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