Marist College

2018 Runway Show. Photo: Courtesy of Marist College

2018 Runway Show. Photo: Courtesy of Marist College

Location: Poughkeepsie, New York, USA


Undergraduate: Fashion Design; Fashion Merchandising

Annual Tuition: 

$42,500 (including fees)

Companies That Recruit From This School, According to the SchoolRoss Stores, Macy's, TJX, Ralph Lauren, Kohl's Abercrombie & Fitch, BCBG

Enrollment: 500

Graduation rate: 90%

Class size: 30

Student/Teacher Ratio: 25:1

Classes are Taught in: English

Percentage of International Students: 10%

Job Placement Rate: 90%

What the Students Say: 

"Our college has abundance of resources for internships, career ready workshops, and resume workshops. Also our alumni are always willing to connect and help us give advice on the interview process, explain their current job, etc."

"Not much to do around the area but NYC is a train ride away. Academics are great though, it's what made me stay at Marist College."

"I love Marist College and it is the perfect balance between going to a great fashion school while still having regular college experiences like football games and night life."

"I have had two design internships since being at this school, and after both I was told I was a better intern then anyone from any other fashion arts school. We are so prepared in every aspect. We are good at design but we also know math, science, history. We have interests in other areas that help our creative development."

"This institution has made me ready for the fashion industry and the stress that comes with that."

"The school and staff have many connections in the fashion industry that will help you get internships and jobs after college."

"While the program at the school is often easy and repetitive the abroad program (Paris in particular) is phenomenal. The use of the surrounding city and integration of learning and hands on is life changing. It is unfortunate however that they have yet to replicate this on their regular campus."

"Marist College’s fashion program is unique and different from most. With hands-on experience in magazine production, Marist has their own magazine FM/AM, fashion show production. Marist also has an annual fashion show called the Silver Needle Runway, and lastly business experience in Marist’s real boutique with buyers and managers called Mporium. The opportunities on- and off-campus are endless."

2018 Runway Show. Photo: Courtesy of Marist College

2018 Runway Show. Photo: Courtesy of Marist College

The Bottom Line: This upstate New York school is focused on preparing students for the professional realm, training them to design or merchandise with various real markets in mind. Students and alumni ranked their satisfaction with this school highly nearly across the board. It's also ideal for someone looking for a traditional college campus experience, along with proximity to New York City.

More Info:
Instagram: @maristfashion@maristfashioncrc, @maristfashionmag
Facebook: maristfasionprogram
YouTube: marist
Snapchat: @mporiumatmarist

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Last updated December 2019.