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Philadelphia University (Philadelphia, PA, United States)

Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

Programs: Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising and Management

Annual Tuition: $35,080

What the Students Say:
"Philadelphia University is a good school for its fashion classes. The location is fine but I wish they offered more fashion opportunities without restrictions. I could not participate in a New York class and they gave no explanation and that would be a great opportunity. I wish the school helped the students more and didn't expect the students to do everything."

"Philadelphia University's fashion program is different from other schools. My school is dedicated to working with students from other majors in order to provide us with a real world experience, because when we are working in the industry we will be working with people with different background. Philadelphia University also offers freshmen with different opportunities that other schools do not offer. For an example, freshmen fashion and textile students are given the chance to study in Paris for a week. Also, because we are a small school, professors and staff know their students and are eager to help and teach them."

"Go to a different fashion school. There are not a lot of opportunities here for growth and to maximize potential."

The Bottom Line:
 Students have landed jobs at Donna Karan, Urban Outfitters, Tommy Hilfiger and more.

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