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Backstage at the 2018 Polimoda Fashion Show. Photo: Courtesy of Polimoda

Backstage at the 2018 Polimoda Fashion Show. Photo: Courtesy of Polimoda

Location: Florence, Italy


Undergraduate: Fashion Design; Fashion Technology; Leather Technology; Business of Fashion; Fashion Marketing Management; Fashion Art Direction; Fashion Styling; Fashion Design Management; Product Management

Graduate: Collection Design; Shoe Design; Fashion Design; Bag Design; Fashion Brand Management; Fashion Marketing & Communications; International Fashion Business; Fashion Retail Management; Fashion Finance & New Ethics; Luxury Business; Fashion Merchandising & Buying; Fashion Trend Forecasting; Fashion Styling; Fashion Art Direction; Creative Direction; Product Management

Annual Tuition:

Undergraduate: €18,000 (or $20,011 at the current exchange rate)

Graduate: €28,000 (or $31,129 at the current exchange rate)

Famous Alumni: Edgardo Osorio, Massimiliano Giornetti, Luke & Lucie Meier, Francesco Risso, Torsten Hochstetter 

Companies That Recruit From This School, According to the School: Gucci, Ferragamo, Pucci, Fendi, Valentino, LVMH Paris, Givenchy, Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood, Givenchy

New Programs and Partnerships of Note: Polimoda Duets: a series of documentary interview videos involving some of the most outstanding cultural figures of our time.

Enrollment: 2,367

Growth in Enrollment Since 2018: 36%

Graduation Rate: 92%

Class Size: 20 students

Student/Teacher Ratio: 10:1 

Classes are taught in: Italian & English

Percentage of International Students: 71%

Job Placement Rate: 91%

What the Students Say:

"Lessons take place very often and organization in fundamental, be prepared to strictly respect deadlines and manage your course exams planning everything."

"It is an amazing school, but it functions more like a business. Coming in, any preconceived notions of how a typical university works should be taken lightly."

"The knowledge you will learn is provided by fashion experts, people that really work in fashion industry, and by studying in Florence you will find yourself near one of the largest productive districts of fashion."

"Polimoda is a melting pot of cultures and therefore a very stimulating environment to study in."

"Situated in Firenze, it is a perfect location to learn more about history and culture, as well as to spend more time with your colleagues. The classes are in general very good and all teachers are experienced professionals. Even the business courses are very focused in the artistic and imaginary side of the industry and teachers are often stimulating creativity. The big projects are in line with each course and can be sometimes difficult to conceal with smaller ones, but are a good practice for real life."

"It's a playground for creativity; we are always encouraged to do the best, pushing the boundaries of the ordinary but always with an eye on the individual itself. Moreover, the overall atmosphere at school is very positive, and for this reason all us student feel close to the others, normally helping us even if we are not following the same course."

"Polimoda is the perfect school for every person who wants to start a career in fashion. The teachers, which are already working in the fashion field are able to give the students advice and a full preparation about every topic. The best experience I had thanks to the school is that we could actually see what there is behind fashion industry, thanks to well-organized school trips."

Backstage at the 2018 Polimoda Fashion Show. Photo: Courtesy of Polimoda

Backstage at the 2018 Polimoda Fashion Show. Photo: Courtesy of Polimoda

The Bottom Line: Polimoda is consistently ranked the best fashion school in Italy, a country known for craftsmanship and home to many of the biggest luxury companies in the world, with which it has several partnerships. It's got a lot of high-tech equipment, industry connections, business curriculum and a high placement rate after graduation. While it offers fashion design, it's less of an art school than some others on this list, and more well-known for fostering careers outside of design. Students were largely satisfied with their experience, but many said the workload was overwhelming.

More Info:
Instagram: @polimodafirenze
Twitter: @polimoda

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Last updated December 2019.