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Pratt Institute

Student fashion show. Photos: Courtesy of Pratt by Fernando Colon

Student fashion show. Photos: Courtesy of Pratt by Fernando Colon

Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA


Undergraduate: Fashion Design

Annual Tuition: 


Famous Alumni: Jeremy Scott, Betsey Johnson, Laura Kim, Adam Selman, Samantha Pleet

Enrollment: 4,875 students (entire school) 

Student/Teacher Ratio: 9.4:1 (entire school)

Classes Are Taught in: English

Percentage of International Students: 34%

What the Students Say:

"The campus is beautiful, it is one of the only city schools with a large, open, inclusive campus. There are also tons of resources, i.e. machinery, tutoring, studio hours, accessible professors."

"One of the best things about Pratt is the location. It’s in New York and very close to all the excitement, but still has a traditional campus with a lawn and some peace and quiet."

"Our school's not open to all aspects of fashion design. Deconstruction/Reconstruction is highly focused. So is sustainability. Our school lacks many important things, but it is the best place to find colleagues that will take the time to help one another out."

"Your primary socializing will be in studio as you work. Getting through the program, while difficult, will prepare you for the pace and intensity of the industry."

The Bottom Line: Pratt is a great choice if you want to study fashion, but would like to study other applied arts, as well. And it's one of the few design programs which offers electives in fashion editorial/magazine publishing. The New York City location is a big advantage, though several students said the workload was overwhelming, that there weren't enough networking opportunities and that financial aid advising was insufficient. However, the school's post-graduate employment rate is exceptionally high, and most survey respondents said they were all happy with their decision to attend the school, overall.

More Info: 

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Last updated December 2019.