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Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia)

SCAD mentor J. Alexander at a 2014 event. Photo: Andrew H. Walker for Getty 

SCAD mentor J. Alexander at a 2014 event. Photo: Andrew H. Walker for Getty 

Undergraduate: Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Accessories Design

Graduate: Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Accessories Design, Luxury and Fashion Management

Annual Tuition: 
Undergraduate: $33,795

Graduate: $34,605

Misc: Andre Leon Talley is on the Board of Directors and a Lifetime Achievement Award is given in his name every year.

Notable Grads: Santiago Barberi Gonzalez (President and Creative Director of Nancy Gonzalez), Thomas Finney (men's design director at Thom Browne, Kirk Stafford (co-owner of Tweeds in Atlanta, GA)

What the Students Say:  
"SCAD gives you so many opportunities. In, general the school is really excellent, I am doing a double major with fashion design and performing arts, and SCAD makes it very easy so I can have all classes and not slow down in my process. Fashion is very important for this college, they actually have a fashion show every year with student work which is seen by many famous designers, blogger and important people in the industry."

"The program is difficult but you truly get everything you put into the program out of it. Networking and career training starts on day one, regardless of whether you notice it or not."

"The school is very good, but Savannah is not the best place."

"SCAD is the most hands on school I could ever imagine. From the very beginning I've been styling photo shoots for our school fashion blog. I also work as a makeup artist for student films and fashion shoots. I'm only a freshman. I attend tons of fashion seminars and I've already submitted my resume to our school job portal. SCAD has a way more intense workload than I ever expected but it truly helps you grow into the artist/designer that you want to become. If you aren't willing to work your butt off and give up a lot of sleep than this is not the school for you. If you're a hard worker and passionate about fashion SCAD has the connections to help get you where you want to go. I haven't felt out of the loop even though our school isn't located in NYC or LA. They bring the big names to us. I got into FIT and I picked SCAD. I have never regretted the decision for even a second."

The Bottom Line: More SCAD students answered our survey than any other school, offering mostly positive feedback. The school says that 95 percent of graduates from the 2013 program were employed within 10 months of receiving their diplomas. And while SCAD has yet to produce a true breakout star, the program is still young. 

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