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Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

A look from the 2017 SCAD Fashion Show. Photo: Courtesy of SCAD

A look from the 2017 SCAD Fashion Show. Photo: Courtesy of SCAD

Locations: Savannah, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Programs: Undergraduate: Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Accessory Design, Fibers, Jewelry. Graduate: Fashion Design, Accessory Design, Luxury and Fashion Management, Fibers.

Annual Tuition: Undergraduate: $35,910. Graduate: $36,765.

Misc: André Leon Talley is on the Board of Directors and a Lifetime Achievement Award is given in his name every year.

Notable Alumni: Santiago Barberi Gonzalez (president and creative director of Nancy Gonzalez), Thomas Finney (men's design director at Thom Browne, Kirk Stafford (co-owner of Tweeds in Atlanta, GA), Christopher John Rogers.

What the Students Say:

"Don't expect to party every weekend or have much spare time. SCAD is a challenging school academically, and you have Fridays off because you NEED a day to devote solely to homework. Don't be scared away by the workload though, because the school is incredible. They have great professors who have an abundance of industry knowledge and connections. It is very expensive to attend, so keep asking the admission office for more scholarships or to review new work to consider you for more scholarship money."

"It's not a fashion school. It's an art school. That's what gives it an edge. You get people from literally every design field to collaborate with."

"The program is difficult but you truly get everything you put into the program out of it. Networking and career training starts on day one, regardless of whether you notice it or not."

"I haven't felt out of the loop even though our school isn't located in NYC or LA. They bring the big names to us. I got into FIT and I picked SCAD. I have never regretted the decision for even a second."

"Even though SCAD isn't in New York like most of the top fashion schools, the school provides us with a lot of industry resources and connections. We are really lucky to have all of the resources that we do here at SCAD and a plethora of great Professors who come from the industry."

"It's very expensive but we have access to all the newest technology and resources. The halls are amazing and classes very demanding."

The Bottom Line: When you hear someone talking about SCAD, it's very unlikely that they're saying something negative. We always get positive feedback about the school, and while tuition is expensive, the school boasts a 98-percent employment rate within 10 months of students receiving their diplomas. Plus, what students say about the school bringing industry bigwigs from New York and beyond to them is true. And though SCAD has yet to produce an established star, the program is still young.

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