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SUPIMA Design Competition 2020 - Jennie Nguyen - Kent State University

Jennie Nguyen - Kent State University

Jennie Nguyen - Kent State University

It was obvious at a young age that Jennie Nguyen was going to be a fashion designer. Nguyen grew up sewing scraps of fabrics into clothes for her Barbie dolls, inspired by her mother who worked as a seamstress in Vietnam.

Nguyen went on to attend Kent State University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design. One of Nguyen’s highlights during her four years of school was the chance to study in New York City. Her opportunity to explore different aspects of the fashion industry, from being part of the New York Fashion Week, an intern for Isaac Mizrahi, to living the lifestyle of a New York fashion student, solidified Nguyen’s desire to be a part of the fashion industry.

Nguyen explores the Iceberg and its environmental issues for her Supima collection. Inspired by the beauty of the shape of the iceberg and its texture, Nguyen’s collection is meant to bring awareness to global warming.

Tune in Thursday Sept. 10 at 3:00 p.m. ET on either @Supima or @LuxuryLaw to watch the show.

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