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Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia University)

A PhilaU fashion student. Photo: @philau_fashiondesign/Instagram

A PhilaU fashion student. Photo: @philau_fashiondesign/Instagram

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Programs: Undergraduate: Fashion Design, Textile Design. Graduate: Fashion Design Management, Textile Design

Annual Tuition: Undergraduate: $38,160. Graduate: $1,130 per credit.

What the Students Had to Say: 

"The program is outstanding. We're very close to [the center of] Philadelphia, we have the King of Prussia Mall nearby and we're a short ride from New York City; fashion is everywhere. We even have a class where we go to New York every Friday and meet executives in the industry and do a presentation to a well-known fashion company. Study-abroad opportunities are endless and the community on the campus itself is close-knit and welcoming. Definitely a great school; wouldn't go anywhere else."

"Philadelphia University is very innovative and provides students with real-world experience. My favorite opportunity was the New York Immersion program where we traveled to New York every other Friday and worked with Xcel Brands on an industry project. We also got to attend Fashion Week. Philadelphia University is a fantastic school and I would recommend it in a heartbeat."

"Philadelphia University trains students in practical career skills and doesn't expect everyone to be a perfect artist."

The Bottom Line: This is is one of the schools focused on providing a holistic approach to fashion design education — addressing not only design but also technology, production, business and other elements required to actually make it as a designer. There are also study-abroad programs in Europe for those looking for a more global experience. The proximity to New York is also something to keep in mind.

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